1. Log in with your Managing account.

  2. Select the Tools navigation button.

  3. Select Sequential Tasks on the Tools page.

  4. Choose a type of task from the Tasks menu.
    → If Sequential Tasks is selected, choose a pre-made task video from the Video menu.
    → If Select Custom Task is selected, choose one of your custom videos from the My Videos modal.

  5. Confirm the order of steps in the task on the right-hand side.
    → Click and drag a step to rearrange it.
    → Select "x" to remove a step from the task.

  6. Set the Length of Puzzle (units) to determine how many steps will be included in the puzzle. The learner will only see and be quizzed on this number of steps.

  7. Toggle on or off Automatic Difficulty Advancement to determine whether a video clip will be added to the puzzle after each correct attempt.
    → If Automatic Difficulty Advancement is turned on, use the Length of Puzzle Goal (units) menu to determine how many steps will be the end goal of the puzzle.

  8. Toggle on  or off Play "Tada!" sound when successful to change whether a sound effect plays when the participant provides a correct answer.

Once you've set up the activity, select the Preview button to see a sample of the puzzle, or select the Assign button to assign the activity to a learner.