1. Log in with your Managing account.

  2. Select the Tools navigation button.

  3. Select Working Memory on the Tools page.

  4. Choose Visual or Auditory from the Puzzle Type menu.

  5. Choose a content type from the Subject menu.

  6. Adjust Length of Puzzle (units) to determine how many images or words the participant will be required to memorize in order to pass.

  7. Enter a number in the field beneath Additional seconds to view puzzle to increase how many seconds the participant will have to memorize each puzzle.  

  8. Adjust the Number of Choices to determine how many choices the participant will be given to complete each puzzle. → A higher number increases the difficulty of the puzzle.

  9. Toggle Yes or No Pause Before Each Puzzle to determine whether there will be a pause before the next puzzle begins.

  10. Toggle on or off Automatic Difficulty Advancement to determine whether the length of the puzzle will automatically increase or decrease when the participant completes 3 consecutive puzzles correctly or incorrectly, respectively.

  11. Toggle on or off Play "Tada!" sound when successful to change whether a sound effect plays when the participant provides a correct answer.

Once you've set up the activity, select the Preview button to see a sample of the puzzle, or select the Assign button to assign the activity to a learner.