1. Log in with your Managing account
  2. Click the My Videos navigation button
  3. Click the Shared tab

From here you can manage shares that you have received, sent, or declined

  1. Tabs - Use the tabs to switch between Inbox, Sent, and Declined to see which shares you have received, sent, or declined respectively
  2. Word Count - Click the link to see the titles of the clips present in the video that was shared with you
  3. Preview - Click this button to watch a preview of the video or clip that has been shared with you
  4. Add to My Videos/Clips - Click this button to save a copy of this shared video or clip to your account
  5. Decline - Click this button to decline the shared video or clip. If you change your mind and want to accept it later you can do so from the Declined tab
  6. Bulk Action Dropdown - If you select multiple videos or clips you can add them to your account or decline them all at once