1. Log in with your Managing account
  2. Scroll to the assignment you wish to test
  3. Click the Test button and the modal shown to the right will appear

Receptive Test Setup
  1. Use the first dropdown to determine how many choices will be shown for each question based on the clips present in the video
  2. Use the second dropdown to add additional wrong answers to each question
  3. Use the third dropdown to add additional questions for words previously answered correctly
  4. Use the checkbox to change whether the "tada" sound effect plays after clicking the correct answer
  5. Click the Test button
  6. Click the Start button
For a receptive test, have your learner listen to the audio clue and see if they can select the right image.
Expressive Test Setup
  1. Click the Expressive Test tab
  2. Click the Test button
  3. Click the Start button
For an expressive test, have your learner say the name of the image that appears on the screen, then you click whether or not your learner identified the image correctly.

  1. Click the Manual tab
  2. Choose between (mastered, not mastered, not test)
  3. Click the Submit button