If you don't know your learner password:

  1. Go to Gemiini.org
  2. Click the Forgot Password? link on the login page
  3. Enter your LEARNER USERNAME and click the Reset Password button. This will send you an email with a link to reset the password for your learner account
  4. Click the link found within the email you've received to be taken to the password reset page. This page will display your learner username after "Hello"
  5. Enter your new password and click the Change Password button

To recover your Username:

  1. Go to Gemiini.org
  2. Click on Log In in the upper right
  3. Click the Forgot Password? link
  4. Enter your email in the username box and click the Send Usernames button. This will send you an email with all of your Usernames in it

If you don't know which username is your learner username: 

  1. Log into the website with your Managing account 
  2. Click your name in the upper right to open the menu
  3. Click Billing & Connections
  4. All your connected learner's usernames shall be listed here