The Standard Tuition rate is $98/month USD. If that is too expensive we do also offer financial aid to help reduce the monthly cost.

You may apply for financial aid during the registration process. To register, click Get Started on

  • The Reduced rate reduces the rate from $98 down to $59/month USD and is for families that cannot fit the standard rate into their monthly budget.
  • The Hardship rate reduces the rate from $98 down to $39/month USD and is for families that are receiving food stamps, reduced school lunch or have a breadwinner who is unemployed. 
Click the Apply for Apply for a Scholarship option when you get to the Tuition step of registration, then choose the scholarship that you meet the criteria for and enter a brief description of your situation.

Note: Each Gemiini subscription level offers complete access to all the content we have available. The difference in cost is due to scholarship rates that we make available to families who can otherwise not afford the standard subscription rate.

If you are in a country outside of the US and have any questions in regards to the benefits you receive and what scholarship you are eligible for, please Contact Us.

Special bundle pricing for parents is a great way to lock in several months up front at a discounted rate without monthly charges. New members can register on a bundle. Existing members whose account is inactive, login to renew on a bundle. For those who have an active account on monthly billing and would like to switch to a bundle, please reach out to us using our Contact Us for instructions on to switch to a bundle.  

  • 12 months at 50% the standard monthly cost for $588
  •  6 months at 40% the standard monthly cost for $352
  •  or 3 months at 20% the standard monthly cost for $235

 Please visit our pricing page here to access the bundles.