In order to play videos on the Gemiini Mobile app, you need to take the initial Language Assessment or manually assign a video to your learner.

First, if you have not taken the online Language Assessment, go to and do so:

  1. Log into your Managing account
  2. The Language Assessment will appear immediately for new accounts;
    Click the Take the Assessment link in the blue banner to start the assessment for existing accounts
  3. Upon completing the Language Assessment, a set of Language Pyramid assignments will be automatically assigned to your learner

Then, on your smartphone or tablet:

  1. Tap on the Gemiini Mobile app icon
    Make sure you are connected to the internet (Online mode)
  2. Tap on an Assignment
    Tap the "Refresh" button in the upper-left to force the assignment list to update if you don't see recent changes made on
  3. Tap Play button | Starts playing the assignment
  4. Tap Download button | Downloads the assignment directly to your device's memory
    • After the download has completed and the top border of the assignment card has changed from grey to orange, the assignment that has been downloaded is now available to be viewed without an internet connection (Offline mode).

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