The app and website are designed to count complete repetitions of any assignment. However, there are certain actions that can cause a count to be skipped. Listed below are the best practices to ensure your counts come through correctly.

  • Make sure you are allowing the videos to play all the way through before going back to the assignment list
  • Make sure you are not skipping clips ►| during playback
  • If you are watching assignments on the app while offline, your counts will not be reflected on the website until you reconnect to the internet. When you do reconnect to the internet, it can appear that the app has lost the counts you made while offline. Don't worry! The server just hasn't received your latest counts yet. Please wait 5 minutes and refresh your app. Your counts should then reappear.
  • Due to the way Roku handles casting, if you are casting to a Roku device from the app, your counts will not be recorded.

  • If you have multiple active copies of the same Language Pyramid assignment, the app will only display the one with the lowest achieved view counts. View counts you make on that assignment will be applied to the copy on the website with the lowest number of view counts. Once all of the copies have the same number of view counts, you will only see your view counts for that assignment increase once all of the assignments have received an additional view count.