1. Log in with your Managing account
  2. Click the QuickStart Videos navigation button
  3. Click the button for either Language Pyramid, Skills, or Reading videos
  4. Click the View all videos button for the desired level or group
  5. Click the Customize button
  6. Rearrange, duplicate, or remove the existing clips from the chosen video and click Next
  7. Add additional clips based on the level or group that video belongs to* and click Next
  8. Add humor and motivational clips* if your learner needs help staying engaged and click Next
  9. Give your video a title
  10. Click either the Save/Assign button or the Save button

*Note: If you wish to add clips found outside the level or section you are customizing, you can open the Advanced options menu and turn on Use complete library to gain access to all the clips found in the Gemiini library.