1. Log in with your Managing account
  2. Click the Tools navigation button
  3. Set your Puzzle Type to choose whether the puzzle will be Visual or Auditory
  4. Set your Subject to choose your content type
  5. Adjust the Length of Puzzle in order to determine how many matches will be required to pass
  6. Adjust the Number of seconds to view per unit in order to have more time to memorize the sequence
  7. Adjust the Number of Choice to determine how complex the sequence will be to memorize. The higher the number of choices the harder the puzzle.
  8. Toggle Pause Before Each Puzzle to determine whether the next puzzle will start after following
  9. Toggle Automatic Difficulty Advancement to determine whether the length of the puzzle increases or decreases after 3 consecutive success or failure respectively
  10. Toggle Play "Tada!" sound when successful in order to enable/disable the sound effect after each puzzle that is answered correctly

Once you've setup the Working Memory puzzle the way you want, you can either Preview it or Assign it to your student by clicking the appropriate button.